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Get Involved 

Want to get involved with On the Dotte Weather Authority? There are multiple ways you can assist our team in serving the residents and businesses of the Downriver communities. From data collection, to severe weather interception, we offer multiple volunteer opportunities for the interested public. Look below for the details of the current available volunteer positions.

Collect Data Using Your Own Personal Weather Station

Become one of our Recording Centers. Its as easy as purchasing your own personal weather station, and installing it at your home or office. Most modern automated weather stations require a dedicated computer or direct access to an internet network. All of the ODWA recording centers are integrated into the Weather Underground Personal Weather Station Network. Simply hookup your personal station to their network, and contact the ODWA team. We will then give you instructions on how to integrate your station to the ODWA network of weather stations. You will be assigned a Recording center number and will be able to see the data from your station everywhere from smartphone apps, to public weather displays. The leading personal weather staion manufacturers that we recommend for affordable weather collection are Acurite, Ambient Weather, and LaCrosse Technology. Some of these weather stations are available at local superstores or hardware stores usually located in a garden section. The weather station you purchase and the data it provides will assist ODWA team members in creating special forecasts, and provide regional insight to other weather agencies and companies. Ensure the weather station you purchase detects temperature, humidity, dewpoint, wind speed, wind direction, precipitation measurements, and barometric pressure. Become the popular amateur weather pro in your neighborhood by becoming a part of the ODWA weather collection network.

Become a Severe Weather Spotter by Joining Our DotteSpotter Network.

The United States is the most severe weather-prone country in the world, and Michigan is no exception. Nearly 16 tornadoes touchdown annually throughout the state, and over 100 severe weather warnings are issued by the National Weather Service Detroit/Pontiac Office for Southeast Michigan per year. On the Dotte Weather Authority has a dedicated group of volunteers to patrol the Downriver area before and after a severe weather event to collect storm data and information on storm related damage. ODWA team members share this data directly with the National Weather Service and assist their mission in "providing weather, water, and climate data, forecasts and warnings for the protection of life and property and enhancement of the national economy." Become a volunteer DotteSpotter with On the Dotte Weather Authority and receive all related equipment and training in severe storm safety and storm spotting. Become the eyes and ears of the scientific community in the field. Requirements include a smartphone capable of running on LTE data, and a vehicle of your own. If interested in joining this group of important, volunteers, contact our team either on this website, our Facebook page, or our email address.

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