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Live Weather

The following are available in live real-time from the top half (blue box) of this page:

Temperature (to nearest 0.1°F)

Humidity (RH to nearest 1%)

Pressure (Baro to nearest 0.01 inHg)

Dew Point (to nearest 1°F)

Wind Direction (to nearest 22.5°)

Wind Speed (to nearest 0.1 MPH)

The following are available in live real-time from the bottom half (yellow box) of this page:

Cloud Coverage* (to nearest 1/4 of coverage)

Current Precipitation or other weather conditions*

*(in standard aviation METAR format, with key available)

METAR info provided by


Decoding an aviation METAR:

A standard METAR is written with the following variables:

{airport code} METAR {day}{time}Z {wind direction}{wind speed}KT {visibility}SM {precipitation} {cloud coverage}{elevation} {temperature (°C)}{dew point (°C)} A{barometric pressure at mean sea level} RMK AO2 {coded remarks}

Here's an example of a Metar, it's different parts are listed in different colors:

KDTW METAR 141554Z 05005KT 3SM -SN BR OVC024 01/M02 A3013

Here's the example METAR above decoded:

KDTW: The ICAO (4-Letter) airport code, in this case, Detroit;

14: The day of the month, in this case, the 14th;

1554Z: The 24H Zulu (UTC) time of the observation, in this case, 3:54PM Zulu;

050: Wind direction, in this case, wind blowing from the 050° radial (North East);

05KT: Wind speed in knots (adding "G##" after indicates a wind gust in knots);

3SM: Visibility in Statute Miles, in this case, 3 miles of visibility;

-SN BR: Precipitation indicators, in this case, light snow and mist;

OVC024: Cloud coverage and height (displayed as Feet X 100), in this case, overcast               skies at 2,400 feet;

01: Air temperature in °C, in this case 1°C;

M02: Dew point in °C (M standing for "minus"), in this case, -2°C

A3013: Altimeter setting (sea level pressure) in inHg, in this case, 30.13"Hg

All other text are remarks, and very depending on the weather conditions and type of weather station being used.


FEW: Few Clouds, 1/8 to 2/8 of clouds obstructing sky;

SCT: Scattered Clouds, 3/8 to 4/8 of clouds obstructing sky;

BKN: Broken Clouds, 5/8 to 7/8 of clouds obstructing sky;

OVC: Overcast Skies, 8/8 of clouds obstructing sky, completely cloud covered.


Intensity Marks:

"-" = Light, "(blank)" = Moderate, "+" = Heavy, "VC" = In the Vicinity.

Descriptor Marks:

MI=Shallow, BC=Patches, BL=Blowing, TS=Thunderstorm, PR=Partial,

DR=Low Drifting, SH=Showers, FZ=Freezing.

Precipitation Marks:

RA=Rain, SN=Snow, IC=Ice Crystals, GR=Hail, DZ=Drizzle, SG=Snow Grains,

PL=Ice Pellets, GS=Snow Pellets, UP=Unknown Precipitation

Obstruction Marks:

FG=Fog, BR=Mist, DU=Widespread Dust, SA=Sand, VA=Volcanic Ash, HZ=Haze, FU=Smoke, PY=Spray

Other Marks:

SQ=Squall, DS=Duststorm, FC=Funnel Cloud, PO=Dust/Sand Whirls, SS=Sandstorm

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